Success for MAP thanks to international pressure

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The land titles of the occupied lands in Pariri remain within the INDERT, the national land reform agency. The titles who where said to pass on to the cadaster which would mean an illegal transfer to Brazilian soy producers, for the moment being seems to be revoked. This sudden move is likely due to international pressure. The MAP has been
receaving numerous support letters.
Other positive news is that in the community of Tekojoja, this week they started to built houses after the community faced 3 violent evictions.

Unfortunately the human rights situation stays critical. Communities over the country are still being evicted. Recently 80 campesino families were evicted from their lands after 11 years. On top of this there is a proposal, to be confirmed in two months by the senate, to reform the penal law which would mean that any campaign of social organisations could be categorised as terrorism. Invasion of lands would become a crime worse than the violation of minors. A juridical action taken against the INDERT would be considerd as an attempt of real estate invasion.

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