Evictions and violence used against indigineous communities in Northern Argentina.

[img_assist|nid=214|title=Eviction Tallar, Argentina|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=84]Call for support from the CAPOMA collective- Jujuy, Argentina, August 17 th 2008.
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Oscar, a colleague from Salta and member of the Olga Aredes Centre, CAPOMA, informs us on the severe situtation taking place in Northern Argentina. There are contineous evictions taking place and violence being committed to the inhabitants which resist to leave there lands for soy. Soy producers are acting with impunity against the inhabitants of the guaraní communities, attacking them violently, while the government and police justify their actions with the argument that the soy producers are the "rightfull" land owners.

More violence in Paraguay against campesinos. Eviction in Yhu- Caaguazú.

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September 20th , Asunción- Paraguay

At the end of August an encampment of landless peasants in the neighbourhood of Ka´iho (district of Yhu in Paraguayan province Caaguazu) was evicted, on the orders of the district attorney for environment, Alejandrino Rodríguez. During this operation 7 people were arrested and held for 22 days on the charge of environmental crime. Only yesterday (september 19th 2007) were they released on probation.

This camp consists of 60 families, part of the regional peasant movement Movimiento Agrario y Popular (MAP). 3 months ago they occupied this domain, which forms part of a large landed estate of 3000 hectares. This estate is owned by Sr. Sapriza Núnez, who according to the MAP is a family member of current Paraguayan viceminister of Security, Mario Agustín Sapriza Núnez.

CONAMURI denounces violent eviction in Paraguay

On May 25 th CONAMURI, the National Coordination of indigenous and rural women denounced that on may 24th a violent eviction took place in the settlement Arsenio Báez, in central province of Caaguazu. During the eviction several people got arrested of which there is no news heard untill the moment.

The eviction was brought forth by district attorney Roberto Velásquez.

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