Mobilisation and repression in San Pedro province

* Criminalisation of campesino movement in district of Lima During october 2008, in the Paraguayan community Yvypé 5 leaders received orders of arrest, 2 of them got been arrested in one week time. It is presumed that the local soy lobby with support of the major of Lima in this way are trying to fracture the local movement that is opposing soy cultivation in the area. This clip shows not only interviews with local campesino leader, council member and teacher Elvio Romero of the community Yvypé but also the 11 detained campesinos of the San Vicente eviction which were all detained in the prison of San Pedro.

Testimonies on repression and violence around Tacuatí, San Pedro

Following the burning down of a police post in Tacuatí, San Pedro, Paraguay, on 31st December, a large military and police force was sent to the region. This has led to great fear among the population, a number of small farmers killed, shot at, or abused in several forms. Below you find two video´s containing testimonies of victims of crimes committed by the army and police forces now stationed in San Pedro.

Police Repression and Presidential Promises: The Fight for Social Justice in Paraguay

by Lorena Rodriguez
written for Upside Down World
[img_assist|nid=272|title=represión 05/11/2008 en Asunción|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=109]
Despite brutal police violence, last week campesinos celebrated the victorious ending of a three day long mass mobilization. Some five thousands campesinos from all over Paraguay gathered in the capital city of Asunción to celebrate what constitutes a first victory for the campesino and landless movement in Paraguay.

Campesino attacked in his house by soy gunmen

Community Ybype, San Pedro, Paraguay. Written by Arturo Peña: Don Pedro Silva is what they say, in Guarani, Iguenoiterei, which literally means "good hearted” person. But he is also a fighter and community leader for many years, surviving in the district of Lima, department of San Pedro, Paraguay.
Yesterday, two people attacked him in his home in the afternoon. They entered through the back of his property (which is next to a soya monoculture). Don Pedro was shot four times with bullets in the areas of the stomach, chest and arm. He arrived to a hospital in Asuncion and is conscious (Saturday 26, 12:30 pm). He is now being under surgery in the Hospital of Emergency. He had to be transported, in a car, first from his city to another close by, Santani, and from there to Asuncion, because they could not find the necessary medical infrastructure to treat him.

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