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Against 'Responsible' GM soy: reply to Solidaridad, WWF

The Round Table on Responsible Soy has been strongly criticised by many social and campesino movements from soy producing countries. Nevertheless, Dutch NGOs Solidaridad and WWF now go a step further by organising the 'GM soy debate - Common sense on GM soy' in order to make GM soy certifyable as 'responsible'. This shows how perverted the RTRS process really is.
With video of protest action in Amsterdam on dec 9, 2008

Dutch Parliament against RRII soy

November 13 2008

The Dutch Parliament has ordered the Minister of Agriculture, Gerda Verburg, to vote against the admission of GM soy variety MON 89788, in next week's Agriculture Council.

The motion to this end was an initiave of the Socialist Party.

Minister Verburg said in a short comment that the motion will be discussed in the cabinet, but that "Noone in Europe will understand this".

The Parliament is not convinced that this GM soy contributes to food security and reduced environmental contamination.

Verburg however, says not to see a reason to doubt the quality of the advice of EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, on the matter.

Argentina: A Case Study on the Impact of Genetically Engineered Soya

How producing RR soya destroys the food security and sovereignty of Argentina
A report by Lilian Joensen, Stella Semino (Grupo de Reflexión Rural, Argentina) and Helena Paul (EcoNexus, UK) for the Gaia Foundation

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