BBC radio on land struggle in Paraguay due to GM soy expansion

BBC World Service - The Price of Bio Fuels

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Once, bio-fuels were seen as the answer to global warming and dwindling oil stocks. Today, many who took that line, believe instead that they increase pollution and are behind worldwide environmental havoc, rising food prices, and worsening hunger and poverty.

Dutch Parliament: critical debate Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS)

On Thursday 10 September, the Dutch Parliament discussed the outcomes of the last RTRS-conference in Brazil last May, where a set of 'Principles and Criteria' for 'responsible soy' was agreed upon. The Dutch Parliament had called on both the Ministers of Agriculture and Development Cooperation to be present at the debate. Both Ministries support the RTRS financially and politically.

Action for Life and the Environment in Paraguay! Ask the president to veto the law that threathens life!

[img_assist|nid=337|title=Stop Spraying!|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]The Congress of Paraguay, manipulated by agribusiness, has recently approved a new law that promotes the indiscriminate fumigation of agrochemicals on monoculture plantations. This new law leaves the population without legal ways to defend themselves. President Lugo can veto the law and send it back for revision to the Congress, and take real measures to defend the population and the environment.

Sign here to urge president Lugo to veto the agrotoxics law

'Responsible Soy' in Paraguay. Grupo DAP and the advancement of soy monocultures in San Pedro

[img_assist|nid=385|title=Grupo DAP soy field|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=200|height=163] Just before an international conference will decide on setting 'responsible soy standards, a new report is published by Corporate Europe Observatory exposing the reality of 'responsible' soy production in Paraguay. The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), an NGO-industry forum, will vote on a set of criteria for 'responsible' soy production on May 28 in the city Campinas, Brazil.

There is widespread international rejection of the RTRS process for certifying GM RoundupReady soy as 'responsible' while also legitimising soy expansion. The RTRS is dominated by industry members, including Monsanto, Cargill and Syngenta, while WWF and Solidaridad are the driving NGO members.

The report can be found on:

Mobilisation and repression in San Pedro province

* Criminalisation of campesino movement in district of Lima During october 2008, in the Paraguayan community Yvypé 5 leaders received orders of arrest, 2 of them got been arrested in one week time. It is presumed that the local soy lobby with support of the major of Lima in this way are trying to fracture the local movement that is opposing soy cultivation in the area. This clip shows not only interviews with local campesino leader, council member and teacher Elvio Romero of the community Yvypé but also the 11 detained campesinos of the San Vicente eviction which were all detained in the prison of San Pedro.

First Assembly Against Agrotoxin Contamination “Towards a National Platform of Agrotoxin Victim” in Paraguay

[img_assist|nid=362|title=Asamblea|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]More that one hundred representatives of native and peasant communities affected by agrotoxins, as well as civil society organizations are meeting in Asuncion this week.

Thursday 16 of April at 9 o’clock , the first Assembly Against Agrotoxin Contamination, “Towards a Coordinadora of Agrotoxin Victims,” got started in the offices of the Central Nacional de Trabajadores, Asuncion, Paraguay.

On April 18th, international day of farmers struggle the assembly marched through Asuncion. View more

Impressions of tractorazo in Asunción (16/12/2008)

Paraguayan national media hypes pathetic mobilization of paraguayan great land owners instead of reporting on severe situation on the countryside and new, fatal cases of fumigation, such as the death of a four year old boy last week. By making up false numbers, tiny gatherings in the paraguayan capital, Asunción, appear to have been a great success. An eye-witness account proves this to be pure propaganda.

Radioprogramme in French on La Soja Mata

Français - French

13 Minute radio program, broadcast on Brussels libertarian radio show Radio Air Libre (87.7FM)

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Testimonies on repression and violence around Tacuatí, San Pedro

Following the burning down of a police post in Tacuatí, San Pedro, Paraguay, on 31st December, a large military and police force was sent to the region. This has led to great fear among the population, a number of small farmers killed, shot at, or abused in several forms. Below you find two video´s containing testimonies of victims of crimes committed by the army and police forces now stationed in San Pedro.

The world upside down: Police protection for agrarian reform officials in Canindeyu

[img_assist|nid=317|desc=Police protection for INDERT officials, 21-01-09|link=node|align=left|width=180|height=130]21 January 2009 - Colonia San Juan, Puente Kyjha, Canindeyu

Close to the border with Brazil, in the province of Canindeyu, it is ‘sojalandia a full’, or let’s say one of the heartlands of soy devastation. This complete transformation to an industrial agriculture zone has occurred in a time span of only about 10 years.

As in many other places in Paraguay, the regional land reform institution (INDERT) was until recently thoroughly corrupt. Many plots of land were first assigned to landless families, but later these same plots were resold to Brazilian soy farmers. This was also the case in the Colonia San Juan, near the town of Puente Kyjha. In this community, 8000 hectares of land were assigned to landless families, but after 6 months they were violently evicted as the land was resold to latifundistas.

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