Action for Life and the Environment in Paraguay! Ask the president to veto the law that threathens life!

[img_assist|nid=337|title=Stop Spraying!|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=113]The Congress of Paraguay, manipulated by agribusiness, has recently approved a new law that promotes the indiscriminate fumigation of agrochemicals on monoculture plantations. This new law leaves the population without legal ways to defend themselves. President Lugo can veto the law and send it back for revision to the Congress, and take real measures to defend the population and the environment.

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The world upside down: Police protection for agrarian reform officials in Canindeyu

[img_assist|nid=317|desc=Police protection for INDERT officials, 21-01-09|link=node|align=left|width=180|height=130]21 January 2009 - Colonia San Juan, Puente Kyjha, Canindeyu

Close to the border with Brazil, in the province of Canindeyu, it is ‘sojalandia a full’, or let’s say one of the heartlands of soy devastation. This complete transformation to an industrial agriculture zone has occurred in a time span of only about 10 years.

As in many other places in Paraguay, the regional land reform institution (INDERT) was until recently thoroughly corrupt. Many plots of land were first assigned to landless families, but later these same plots were resold to Brazilian soy farmers. This was also the case in the Colonia San Juan, near the town of Puente Kyjha. In this community, 8000 hectares of land were assigned to landless families, but after 6 months they were violently evicted as the land was resold to latifundistas.

Paraguayan's Health Minister commits herself to act against the poisoning of campesinos.

written by Jorge Zarate - December 11th 2008

“To take up this problem is an ethical compromise”, said Paraguayans health minister, Esperanza Martínez, announcing that a special Commission of which the Health Ministry and other state institutions forms part of, will control the impacts of fumigations with agrochemicals on the more than 2.6 million hectares that are being sown in the country. The minister said that it is necessary to have norms to regulate this issue. “At first it can be a decree that later sanctions a law; we have to take this up and stop worrying”, she explained.

Paraguay: Soy producers protest while indigenous died poisoned.

por Radio Mundo Real y IPS and SomosParaguay.

Paradox has become a symbol of our time. There are plenty of examples in Latin America. In Paraguay, for instance, while the rural landowners start a day of protests to ask the government for “security and work”, it became public that four indigenous children were poisoned with agrotoxics, and that the youngest died due to lack of health care.

Lack of resources. That was the answer given by the health authorities involved to the Paraguayan health attorney who is investigating the case. The local papers report that the indigenous affected live in Canindeyu department. They were poisoned with agrotoxics used by the Brazilian soy producers and their long tour around the different health care centers began last Wednesday.

Video clips on fumigations, Paraguay

*Fumigations next to the school of Yguarory. Teachers of the school of Yguarory, in Paraguay's department Caaguazú talk about the nauseating fumigations of that same morning.

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