United Soy Republics. The truth about soy production in South America.

[img_assist|nid=167|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=104|height=150]This book is a compilation of essays and investigations carried out by a network of Latin American activists and researchers. This compilation depicts the current status of the GLOBAL SOY MODEL that dominates the Southern Cone.
Javiera Rulli, editor of this compilation, defines the introduction of the soy model as a war against the population, the emptying of the countryside, and the elimination of our collective memory in order to shoehorn people into towns and convert them into faithful consumers of whatever the market provides. The impacts of this model go beyond the borders of the new Soy Republics. The dehumanisation of agriculture and the depopulation of rural areas for the benefit of the corporations is increasing in the North and in the South.

This compilation intents to feed the political and academical debate on the effects of the soy model. In this project of the Grupo de Reflexión (GRR) from Argentina participated researchers from Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and Spain. The realities presented in the different chapters show us that soy is not just a crop, it is a system that has geopolitical value and sustends a economical globalisation of agriculture in function of corporate interests. The effects of this model cross borders of the new soy republics.

The authors have profound knowledge of the realities of their countries. As such it is a direct tool to identify the consequences of the global soy model. With this base it gives us the ability to propose another future with Food Sovereignty for all people.