Video news on campesino struggle, Paraguay

*Link to seperate section on campesino struggle in San Pedro Province.

*The story behind an image. Interview with a woman of the community Mariscal Lopez on the severe repression of which she was a victim during the mobilisations of the FSP on November 5th in Asunción.

*(in Spanish) Victims of the soy Mafia in Paraguay. Short video clip on the evictions of two campesino occupations in eastern 'soy' department Alto Paraná, in the beginning of October; resulting in different cases of torture and one execution. In memoriam Bienvenido Melgarejo.

*(in Spanish)Tractorazo: Soy producers stage protest for “peace, security and jobs”
On December 15th, soy producers in Paraguay organised a ´tractorazo´, a tractor-display to show their fear for political change and land reform. Long rows of farming machinery could be seen along some of the highways. The manifestation was not as massive as the organisers hoped for. On several places announced, the ‘tractorazo’ did not materialize – such as in Caaguazu in the center of Paraguay, and the amount of attendants was far lower than expected. Link to videoclip

*(in Spanish) Manifestation in the memory of Aureliano Espinola, murdered on November 4th of 2004. Inhabitants of the community Naranjito, province of San Pedro mobilised on this day to commemorate the murder by police men during a road block in 2004. The commission of landless campesinos nevertheless is still struggling to obtain access to land in their community which is surrounded by big real estates.

*(in Spanish) Inhabitants of Naranjito in Asunción. During the three day manifestations in Asunción from 4 until 6th of November 2008, a big group of people came from Naranjito, in the department of San Pedro, to ask for integral land reform and an end to fumigations.

* (in Spanish) A song of campesinos in Paraguay ...taped in the Plaza Italia in Asunción during the days of mobilisation in the capital of the Frente Social y Popular.

*(in Spanish) A report of the meeting of the Frente Social y Popular and the Movimiento Agrario y Popular, on the 27th of September, in Vaqueria. Though a big part of the clip contains speeches in guarani, the most commonly used language here, the main points are comprehensible. They are talking of the importance of land reform and remind the campesinos of the fact that president Lugo just a few days before, on the Annual General Assembly of the United Nations, stated that the large scale use of agrotoxics is a kind of state terrorism.

*(in Spanish) Video report on the visit to the district attorney of Yhú, that filed charges on some members of the community of Mariscal Lopéz. As soy cultivation has been entering recently in their community, they decided to mobilise for 3 days to voice their objection. Local teachers received charges some days later. The people of the community got the support of students that since months are occupying their faculty in Asunción, of the MAP, of human rights lawyers and our team. For those who understand some Spanish, this clip shows quite clearly which development model the district attorney underwrites, and how this is quite contrary to the ideological vision of Antonio Galeano, the local campesino leader who argues with him.